Zeropong Wholesale Distributor Terms and Conditions

By purchasing from Zeropong Wholesale you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Orders will be used for club or business only and use the pricing structure outlined below.
  2. Any Gambler items purchased will not be sold on secondary markets, i.e. Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, etc. These platforms contain counterfeit products and harm the reputation of Zeropong and Gambler products. 

Pricing Structure

These are MINIMUM advertised price, seller may give up to a 20% discount for bundled products (IE: combine blade with rubbers). Sellers may gift soft promotional items such as bat cover or shirt.


ALL Pro Rubbers: 14.00USD

NO SPONGE top sheet: 9USD

Exclusive Pro Version: 22USD (not in production yet)


Exotic IM8 Series includes Rose, Zebra, Hinoki, Wing: 32USD

AC Hero: 32USD

Fire Dragon Series: 40USD

Vector Series: 40USD

Zen: 16USD


Pure7: 26USD

Classic blades includes: Zebra 3, Zebra 5, and Rosewood: 26USD

Gun: 26USD

IM7: 26USD


Exotic Series with rubber: 40USD

IM7 with rubber: 37USD

Vector with rubber: 50USD

Fire Dragon with rubber: 50USD

SpinZone (2 star) 10USD

ALL 3 star bats: 20USD


Single Cover 5USD (allowed to gift as promotion)

Double Cover 5USD (allowed to gift as promotion)

Gambler Shirt: 10USD (allowed to gift as promotion)

Any other products not listed above shall not be sold for less than double the wholesale price paid on this website.